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Our Favourite Tik Tok Hairstyles!


Tik Tok is the trendsetter of the internet – too often we find ourselves impulsively buying water bottles, practicing the latest moves or attempting the go-to hairstyles. Here a some of our totally cute and totally achievable favourite Tik Tok hairstyles we are loving for the summer!

Space Buns

This popular 90’s look broke the internet when Hailey Bieber attempted her very own space bun look.

Baby Braids

Olivia Rodrigo is often seen rocking with the classic ‘baby braids’. Tik Tok is inundated with girls wearing their natural curls with small plaits woven through out.

Claw Clip Up Do

Bringing back our favourite relaxed noughties look for £3! Kendall Jenner perfectly demonstrates the spiky hair trend with her casual “model off duty” look.

Bubble Braids

We don’t know who did it first – Perrie Edwards or Tik Tok but one thing is for certain – this festival ready hairstyle is perfect for the summer!

Scrunchie Ponytail

Wear an effortlessly high ponytail any way you like – messy or slicked back. It won’t matter anyway, everyone will be obsessing over the scrunchie. The 70’s hair accessory has made a reappearance and we couldn’t be happier.

These were our five favourite Tik Tok hair trends and it appears every off-duty models favourite too!

Tip: If you’re trying these looks at home, remember that hair styles better with texture. Shop priming products at #Salonlove shop:


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