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Feathers Logo - Dedicated to hair 2017 (White) copy


Why are natural ingredients important?


We are not to say that ALL products that aren’t naturally derived are 100% bad for your hair. However, without the proper knowledge, it’s easy for you to be sinking your money into product that doesn’t do anything for your hair growth journey. Many shampoos contain silicones and while they are not labelled as toxic, silicone forms a thin layer over the hair cuticle, disrupting any product from getting into the shared and causing build up. However, many companies would make the argument that silicones are useful for moisture retention, and it keeps hair hydrated from within. A long time ago, #SalonLove decided that it wasn’t worth the argument, instead we would only carry brands that use natural ingredients for expert performance. 

We like our hair care like we like our friends..NON TOXIC!

Naturally derived products do not contain the harmful ingredients that the market tells you is helping your hair, instead filled with ingredients that are proven to positively impact hair health and has been tested by labs and industry professionals. Not only are they healthier for you, but for the planet too. 

Environmentally sourced ingredients means that you look after your hair (and skin health) with your planet in mind. Many synthetic ingredients, like parabens or fragrance, have been known to harm the planet because of their incompatibility in the ecosystem. Not just this, but the production of synthetic ingredients adds another layer to the manafacturing process, causing more harm through polluting the air. Naturally derived products use minimal “factory time” to ensure that no more harm can be done to the seas, green, and ozone layer. 

Each of our brands share our natural focus and commitment to our planet, while still producing high performing products that care for you, your hair, and your planet. 


Sens.ús has worked consistently to ensure that the production of their lines complies with their (and our) ethical principles and dedication to creating a healthy planet. Their products are formulated with active ingredients, known for their specific hair benefits. In production, Sens.ús uses water from River Tiber that flowers through the valleys of Tuscany, and through reverse osmosis and demineralisations, effective formulas are created while respecting man and the planet.


Eufora’s main concern surrounds CLEAN BEAUTY with an understanding that this isn’t just about ingredients, but about our global karma too. Their philosophy is at the forefront of their business model where they follow a three-pillar structure: Mindful Methods, Planet Friendly, and Humankind. 

Malibu C

Since their launch, Malibu C have committed themselves to the research and development of truly sustainable and naturally derived wellness products, with the universe in mind. This means that each product is created with the intention of expert hair care not being at the expense of earth. They focus on the ability to reduce water footprint, use PET recyclable bottles and 100% vegan ingredients. Every product is eco-friendly, cruelty free, and plant based. 


Our recommendation is to always consider the power of natural ingredients and how these would affect your hair. This is not to say that every product has to be 100% natural or hair health will suffer detrimentally. However, you should be able to have a healthy mix of products that are free of the key ingredients; sulphates, silicones, parabens etc. 

We encourage you to browse our options. If you think you could benefit, but if you’re unsure, please speak with your stylist – they’ll know exactly what to recommend!


Soothe, calm and ease sensitive skin and scalp with this gentle hair and body regimen that provides both immediate and long-term benefits.


Cleanses hair without weighing it down and gives extra body, volume and lightness. The gentle formula makes it suitable for daily use.


The number one defence system against malicious minerals and other elements hiding in your hard and well water, this 100% vegan total wellness kit is predictably popular as it instantly removes and prevents discolouration, dryness, damage and dullness to unleash perfectly purified, weightless tresses and reveal unmatched body and shine.


Five unique multipurpose products made with advanced clean ingredients, including a plant-based silicone alternative, naturally sourced oils, and a calming fragrance of bergamont, vetiver, and sweet florals.

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