Feathers Logo - Dedicated to hair 2017 (White) copy
Feathers Logo - Dedicated to hair 2017 (White) copy


30 Years Of Beautiful Hairdressing

In North Essex

In 2019 we celebrated 30 years of beautiful hairdressing. We are very proud of this great achievement; especially when you take into consideration research suggests only 9% of small businesses survive over 10 years.

In 2019 our customers helped us celebrate 30 years of beautiful hairdressing. We hope you feel very proud that you have managed to lead Feathers into this great achievement; especially if you remember that research suggests only 9% of small business survive over 10 years. Here’s to beating the odds with a passionate team of talented hair stylists who come to work ready to change the world of hair.

What Do Feathers Put Their

Success Down To?

“Professional hairdressing and luxury service delivered by a highly trained and skilled team” said Debbie Digby, founder of Feathers Salon Group “and we only use the best quality products. The team’s commitment to success ensures the positive experience our clients expect.”

Understanding the difference between ordinary hairdressing and personalised design: If you make a mistake with your clothes or make up, you take them back or leave them in the wardrobe. Your hairstyle shouldn’t be hidden you should feel proud to wear it every single day. It should say something about you – GLAMOROUS AND INDIVIDUAL.

Our clients run busy lives and don’t always have the time for a weekly salon visit. We invest more into your style than the ordinary salon, so you don’t have to. At Feathers, we recommend a designer hairstyle that can be maintained at home. Save time with a Personalised Design with a Home Maintenance Programme.

We care about the way your hair looks every day, not just on the day of your visit.

Try our service for yourself, like you it’s a little bit different – REMARKABLE.


Togetherness And Success

  • Be happy and helpful
  • We are a learning organisation pursuing excellence through understanding
  • Know the value of the bad truth Vs a good lie
  • Change is uncomfortable but failure to change…
  • There is so much competition – what makes us unique and different?
  • Gossip harms – please be upfront
  • Practice tough love
  • Live on the front side
  • Do what’s right
  • Always do the best you can
  • Treat others the way you wish to be treated – Lou Holtz
  • Successful people have initiative and imagination
  • Bring Solutions and use resources responsibly
  • Balance – That which is good for both will last
  • Have Trust and respect for those with whom you work

Our Four Pillars

Of Sustainability

Feathers have adopted a variation of the already popular ‘3 Pillar’ model that provides us with the framework for creating a successful sustainable policy in our business.

The four pillars of sustainability are Human, Social, Economic and Environmental. These make up the areas that must be addressed to see sustainable development. As we navigate Feathers Hair Salon Group to a brighter tomorrow, we commit to make a difference by sharing our focus across these 4 sectors.



Human Sustainability is defined as the focus on nurturing and developing the human component of an organisation. Feathers pursues human sustainability through our pledge to inclusivity and diversity, recognising development of our team. We do not discriminate against our employees when it comes to:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Social background


We understand that human sustainability should also be achieved through the development of skills and fair opportunity for our team to excel in the industry. We ensure this through providing:

  • Decent wage
  • Career opportunity
  • Training and education
  • Fair opportunity




Social sustainability aims to ensure the well-being and equality of anyone that steps through our front door. Our goal is to alchemise peace and positive social relationships. We believe in the power of independent business that creates a personalised experience for every individual. Therefore, we choose to do business with like-minded individuals that share our passion to see constructive social change. A good example is our relationship with Eufora. A well-established brand that remains an independent company that respects the need for professional hair care staying professional and with formulations that perform while delivering clean beauty.




This means that the business should see continual growth to be sustainable. Our plan to achieve economic sustainability comes at a time of trepidation within society where running a business becomes more expensive and to avoid raising prices, Feathers absorb the rising costs through:

  • Energy and water policy use
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • Responsible use of product and resources
  • Disposable towels that are non-toxic and eco friendly




Perhaps your first thought when choosing a sustainable salon. This pillar aims at improving human wellbeing through preservation and rational use of the environment and natural resources.

  • Recycling – Zero waste policy, we recycle our aluminium tubes and foil.
  • Reducing the amount of waste we create by careful consideration.
  • We use resources responsibly.
  • A box for any use – why not pop in to take some off our hands
  • Partnering with suppliers who also have strong green policies
  • Carrying sustainable brands that consider the environment in the manufacturing of products.
  • We repurpose our disposable towels.
  • Our marketing materials are swapped out seasonally, rather than monthly.


As an eco-responsible company, it is our vision to see constructive change within our business, community, and industry. We continue to look for new ways to contribute to ‘Green Transformation’ and stay ahead of the curve to witness our planet take a new, happier, and healthier shape.

Our Promises

To You

We care about the way your hair looks everyday, not only on the day of your visit. Try our service for yourself, like you it’s a little bit different – special.


Professional Hairdressing

Providing a professional service is important for our clients, which is why our team is trained to the highest standards and continue to practice professional development.


Commitment To Success

Like every business owner, we wish to see our salon group succeed. We’ll deliver the best to our clients, investing in development for our team to ensure this.


Friendly and Welcoming

From the moment you walk in until the moment you leave, experience a friendly and welcoming service. If you have individual needs or requests, we will do all we can to accommodate.


Quality Hair Products

The quality and condition of your hair is important to us, which is why we only use salon professional hair products from award-winning brands. Your stylist will recommend home maintenance to keep your hair looking and feeling great.


Luxuriously Safe Service

Relax and enjoy your experience knowing that your comfort and safety are our priority.


Satisfaction Guarenteed

 Have confidence in your stylist, hair service and products. If you’re not happy, tell us and we can make it right. If you are happy, please tell your friends or leave a review, the finest compliment you can give a small business is your support.