Feathers Logo - Dedicated to hair 2017 (White) copy
Feathers Logo - Dedicated to hair 2017 (White) copy

About our team

About Our


We are dedicated to providing a tailored service suitable to our clients individual needs. Introducing our team structure! Book your stylist based on the level of individualisation required. Choose your stylist the way you choose your fashion.

The simple looks that still make an impact.

One-size fits all. Off the peg styling that is fresh and current.

Your everyday style staple that you can’t live without. Day after day ready to wear to style. You know it fits and feels good. Fall back in love every season.

The advanced designer creates tailor made styles ready to wear that enhances your best features.

Where your foundational classics have been tailor made to suit your body type. Consultation is like being fitted for a custom suit.

This is your Haute Couture gown where your image can be completely customised to suit your unique characteristics. No one else has a style like your own.