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Colour Your Hair At Home | Vita Toscana

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There is plenty of lovely reasons to visit the salon and receive luxury treatment. For many people, this is how they prefer to receive their colour treatment. However, not everyone can agree that visiting the salon is an effective use of their time and money spent – not to say that they don’t still see the value or do not deserve a gorgeous finish – they do! 

Colour Your Hair At Home

The problem is that at home box dye often creates more troubles for someone. Many box dyes contain harsh ingredients such as ammonia, peroxide, and PPD that can cause extreme reactions on the skin and scalp. Over time, these ingredients have been known to weaken hair follicles and stop healthy hair growth in its tracks. When you continuously use a box dye, colour pigment is left behind on the hair shaft each time, causing build up of colour that will eventually appear patchy and dull. 

You must also consider the result you want in the end. If you are going from dark to light, then you’ll likely need to bleach your hair. Without proper beach knowledge, understanding of the colour wheel and colour correction, you may not achieve the result you want. This is where we would recommend going to a salon, for blondes and fashion colours. However, if you’re looking to go a shade darker, or you have light hair and looking to change the tone, then box dye could be a good fit and it involves no bleach or lightener. You must be prepared to not receive the result you want anyway because the dye cannot be tailored to all the factors that make a good result. 

Our Recommendation | Vita Toscana

We recommend using the brands you can trust for expert colour results. Vita Toscana, formulated by Sens.ús, is the perfect hair dye for a gorgeous, flawless look. This permanent colour treatment looks after your hair, nourishing and strengthening it while being gentle on the scalp. With a PPD and ammonia free formula, you don’t need to worry about any harsh chemicals or ingredients damaging your hair and scalp. The unique formula facilitates a long lasting result and 100% white hair coverage. With Vita Toscana, you can colour your hair at home without any of the fuss or toxicity!

Vita Toscana is the perfect hair dye for gorgeous, flawless looks. This permanent colour treatment looks after your hair, nourishing and strengthening it while being gentle on the scalp, ensuring a long-lasting result and covering white hair.

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