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Upcoming Hair Trends to Follow


Our hair trends come and go with each season, and it can be difficult to keep up with the fast-moving algorithms of Tik Tok and Instagram. I have collected some of the upcoming trends that I predict will be big for both spring and summer this year.

Tip: Choose your favourites and follow their tags or hashtags to keep in the know.  


The “C” Cut:

A continued revival from the heavily inspired 70’s (and 80’s) rock ‘n’ roll styles we saw in 2022 – the mullet finally making its big comeback! The “C” cut is reminiscent of the popular “Rachel” with softer layers and face framing. The bonus of a cut like this is that is can be styled or left natural, the purposeful shapes created in the cut making hair look thicker and fall in a natural way.

If you’re finding it hard to envision right now, we suggest following @lucyhale on Instagram who is currently wearing the “C Cut” and doing an amazing job styling for every day or red carpet.

Square Bob:

A challenging few years and the dire need to a fresh start will manifest itself in the need to make the chop – salons expect to see a demand for shorter styles (bob, pixie, micro fringe). Recently, we have seen “The Bob” getting shorter and more extreme, the latest addition being a much shorter version with a square shape. The square style, at the jawline seems to perfectly frame the face and accentuate the jawline, more a sharper, more refined aesthetic.

Although she isn’t wearing it now, @kaiagerber wore this version of the bob previously and might be one of the first to do so.


You didn’t think we would forget, did you? Before mid-2022 many requests for cuts were one length, keeping the hair sleek and parted down the middle. While we still love the sophisticated sleek look, there is something very playful about adding layers. The versatility of layers means that you can request different styles of cuts, so no “layered look” has the same outcome, making it much more unique and diverse for an upcoming trend. You can follow the trends but create a completely tailored look to what you prefer. Layers can be encompassed in a variety of viral cuts; the butterfly cut, the wolf cut, and variations of the shag and mullet. If you don’t want something as dramatic, you also have the option of; invisible layers, grungy and choppy, chunky 90’s or fluffy 70’s.

We have been obsessing over @alessandraambrosio’s undone layers, they’re effortless and fun, the perfect low maintenance style for laying out under the sun.  



Caramel – a notoriously warm and luxurious tone, usually reserved for brightening up dark strands, adding dimension to brown tones – and now blending this with creamy blondes to create a lighter, summer ready, eye-catching look. Caramel balayage has been around for a while and it seems that although the trend isn’t going anywhere, we will keep seeing new variations of it. The upside of a balayage being the natural, sun kissed finish that is relatively low maintenance, if the correct homecare is followed.

Famously known for her black, one-dimensional hair that had every blonde feeling jealous of, it is easy to forget that @ana_d_armas hasn’t always had dark hair. In fact, looking back she has been different shades of brown, creamy blonde and even pink! However, the buttery caramel is a favourite of mine! The lighter areas of the balayage not only create for a naturally sun-bleached look, but the different shades of brown and caramel leaves a much softer buttery finish.

Blonde Copper

In desperate need of a new way to mix up the traditional “Summer Blonde Transformation” we have been looking at other types of blondes, that are easy to maintain and still have a summer feel good feel to it. Combined with the 2022 autumnal copper hair craze, the two styles have been married to create “Blonde Copper”. Expect to see this trend boom in the coming months, following the likes of models Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

We are loving the Blonde Copper trend on actress, @sydney-sweeney. Closer to a strawberry blonde, the blonde copper has more of an orange undertone.

Dark Roots with Vibrant Hues:

This year, the sharp contrast between dark roots and pastel hues seems to be a popular choice when choosing colour. We predict that this year, although we haven’t seen much of it in the celebrity space yet, lavender with dark roots will be a massive favourite.

In 2021, @lanacondor stepped out in a pastel peach wig, rocking darker roots and people went crazy for the look. Since then, more people seem to embrace the versatility wigs can bring when choosing hair colour. Especially for the colours that can be hard to keep fresh – pastels being the largest category. We can’t wait to see how the trends evolves into spring and summer 2023.

Hair Care

We know celebrities aren’t really talking about it…but try it anyway. We promise you’ll fall in love!

Scalp Care

We are excited for this one, so many people don’t even realise the benefits a healthy scalp can have for your hair and its growth. We expect to hear more questions surrounding keeping a healthy scalp and treatments for it. This boomed alongside the Tik Tok fad rosemary oil, used for promoting hair growth and thickness, with anti-dandruff properties. This, alongside new gadgets used to exfoliate the scalp, it’s no wonder the conversation is finally making it into the salon chair.

On the topic of scalp care (and treatments) our variety of brands all offer their own option for scalp rejuvenation and nourishment.

Clarifying Shampoo:

Likely born from the increased attention to scalp care, we are also seeing a boom in the conversation surrounding clarifying shampoo. Unlike regular shampoo, clarifying shampoos are formulated to remove excess build up on the hair or scalp. They offer a deeper cleanse in comparison to regular shampoo. It is important to remember that this doesn’t (and shouldn’t) replace your daily use shampoo, frequent use of a clarifying shampoo can dry out your hair or accelerate colour fade. It is recommended to use every 3-4 weeks (or when hair begins to feel weighted down by product). Every shampoo is different so you should also follow the advice from the bottle.  

Heatless Curls:

This isn’t technically a trend for hair care, more so style, but the prep seems to be the most important part of the process and having the correct styling products is going to do just that. Heatless curls are a favourite as they not only offer the option to pre-plan your style for the next day and avoid unnecessary heat damage. The most popular way seems to be, freshly washing the hair and then drying to 90%. Then grab a claw clip and some kind of towel robe and begin twisting the hair around the robe, and clip in place. Without products, this style is likely to flop. Add a leave-in conditioner and moulding cream before beginning the wrap process. Set with hairspray after and allow to sit for at least 2 hours (or overnight).

These have been our predictions for spring and summer in 2023. We would love to see how these turn out so make sure you don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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