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Feathers Logo - Dedicated to hair 2017 (White) copy


Our Covid


January 2022, 
Dear Clients,
As always it’s good to be in touch.
We sincerely thank you for your support throughout these challenging times.
The sanitation measures in our salons are a permanent part of our daily routine. The team will continue to wear masks/visors when carrying out close contact services, our experience over the last 2 years indicated this cuts down the risk of viral infections considerably, protecting the team’s health and income.
Screens and social distancing are an important part of creating a safe space and an adequate supply of fresh air.
During this time, we have discovered some things of great value. Our digital consultations are an easy way to ensure services are well planned leading to more predictable results that are delivered on time for the benefit of clients and team alike. If you think a telephone consultation with your stylist will benefit you pre-service, please call 0345 652 4400 and let us know. Your stylist may request this service with you pre-appointment. We have found this new feature of our service so beneficial for all.
Our drinks service will be reintroduced, however for visits under one hour you may not be offered a drink whilst the team focus on sanitation.
Thank you for your co-operation in keeping everyone healthy.


Yours Sincerely,
Feathers Team xoxo
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