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At Home Spa Experience

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Day trips to the spa are definitely a nice treat but be out of budget. Managing a few trips a year is amazing, but don’t you deserve to be rewarded after every stressful week? Carve out a little time for yourself and follow these simple steps to destress, detox and hit the reset button. 

1. If there’s one thing to love about the spa, it’s the feeling of Zen they achieve the minute you walk through the door. Set your mood for relaxation with the right calming music and a soothing scent. You can choose a spray but for constant zen, we recommend lighting a candle or using an oil diffuser. Try the BECHILL Essential Oil Candle (soothing vanilla and clove leaf) or UNWIND Pure Essential Oil Blend (essences of sage, bergamot, and orange).

2. Prepare hair for a rejuvenating deep treatment by first detoxing the hair and scalp with a trusted cleanser like Eufora Urgent Repair Shampoo. This will stimulate the scalp and remove any build-up caused by products, chemicals, and minerals.

3. Once hair is clean, remove excess water and coat on Urgent Repair Treatment. Comb the restructuring mask through and clip hair back. Allow plenty of time for the mask to penetrate the hair and work its magic. Enjoy the aroma and tingling sensation from the menthol and camphor essential oil. To increase the benefits, put on a shower cap to trap heat.

4. Now your hair is up and out the way, you can remove any makeup or product on your face. On skin, apply your favourite face mask for head-to-toe therapy. Have you tried the Malibu C Matcha mask?

5. What’s a spa experience without a warm bath (granted you would have access to the hot tub at a spa!)? Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the running water. Personally, I love the DESTRESS Pure Essential Oil Blend (soothing lavender and cedarwood).

6. Soak in a warm relaxing tub and take a few deep breaths, breathing in positive energy and breathing out negative thoughts. Think about the things you are most grateful for.

7. After your luxurious bath, you should be feeling refreshed and pampered. Lock in all over hydration with Beautifying Serum. This unique oil complex can be used on hair, skin, and scalp.

8. Wrap yourself in your fluffiest robe and softest fluffy socks and spend some time under a cosy blanket. Take this down time to do something you usually cannot find time for – write in a journal, read a good book or try out your favourite wine. It’s important to remember that life comes with daily stresses and although these can’t be helped, we do have the chance to take time and re-charge.

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