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Your Night time Hair Care Routine


Like most people, you probably follow a skincare routine before you go to bed or on a Sunday evening, ready for a Monday refresh. It makes sense that you would want to wash off the remnants off the day and start fresh in the morning. A night-time hair care routine can be important to help lock in, heal, regenerate, and grow while your body takes the time to restore itself.

Why wouldn’t you want the same for your hair?

We have created our own hair care routine, with every holy grail fit for any successful routine. Here are the steps:


Here is the chance for you to use your free time to ensure maximum nourishment that covers deep down in the hair structure. If you have oily here – you may want to skip to step two. Otherwise, here goes. Using a hair oil you love, cover your scalp, and ends in product, brushing through on damp or dry hair. Secure your hair in a clip and leave for 2+ hours. You can keep this in while you go about your home – eating dinner, watching TV or doing housework. While this sits, the oils works its way into your hair and nourishes deep down into the hair shaft.

We recommend the Eufora Smooth’n Oil therapy or Sens.ús Nutri Blend Oil, both enriched with ingredients that leaves dry, brittle or damaged hair feeling softer and smoother after the first use.


Once time has passed, it’s time to get into the full routine. Using the shampoo recommended by your stylist, cleanse your hair. We recommend the Eufora Moisture Intense Shampoo or Sens.ús Nutri Repair Shampoo for an extra boost of moisture and to help repair any damage caused through your daily hair habits. Make sure to work the shampoo through the entire length of your hair, focusing on your scalp, using a firm pressure to stimulate hair growth. As you had your hair sit in hair oil, cleanse twice to ensure all left over residue is cleansed out of the hair.

If you get your hair coloured or chemically treated, then you’ll experience breakage at some point. These chemicals change the bonds that make your hair the texture that it is.


Matching your shampoo to your conditioner, coat your hair and allow to emulsify. Let sit for 5-10 minutes to allow conditioner to emulsify and receive the full benefit. With the combination of hair oil, and cleansing twice, you should only need to condition once.

We recommend the Eufora Moisture Intense Conditioner or Sens.ús Nutri Repair Mask.

Leave In Treatment

On towel dried hair, use a leave-in conditioner targeted to your hair needs. Your stylist can recommend the best product, not every leave in conditioner provides the same benefits or the same amount of hydration. A protein rich leave-in treatment, like the Eufora Nourish Leave In Hydration, provides hydration and frizz control without added weight, protecting hair from heat styling and environmental stresses. Whereas the Sens.ús Thermo Repair Milk is a restructuring milk that seals hair, nourishes and strengthen. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and quinoa, it gives stressed or weakened hair strength. These should be applied to damp hair and combed through before adding any additional products.


This is the step where you prepare for any heat styling or add any products that you prepare to combat any hair problems. Adding heat defence for this step will ensure that the hair shaft is protected before adding products that add a resin on top of the strand, stopping heat defence from doing its your job.

We recommend using Eufora Style Thermal Defence Prep or Sens.ús T@BU Primer

Your Turn

Now that you have covered your bases, this is your chance to add the additional products that are going to add value and help promote the needs of your hair. These can be to help with smoothing or defining texture (Sens.ús T@BU Smooth) or the appearance of thicker, fuller hair (Eufora Thickening Serum).


Before you dry your hair and turn in for the night, add one more thing – we promise you won’t forget it! Eufora Style Pure Polish is going to add softness to coarse hair, and enhance the look of hair by adding shine and protecting from split ends. To prolong colour life, add Sens.ús T@BU No Stress to slow down oxidative action of cosmetic colour and colour fade as a result from sun damage.

We have added each product into a bundle so now you can buy your preferred hair care routine in one go! Shop here:

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