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“I visited Majorca and fell in love with Sens.ús After Sun Kit!”


After two years of turmoil, grounded flights and uncertainty, I was ready to pack my bags and jet off to a lush destination where I could chill by the sea and layout sipping fruity mixes. That’s just what I did on the lush island of Majorca. For 10 days, my girlfriends and I explored hidden cave passages, sailed along the coast and ate local food with tourist groups, but mostly we just laid out in the sun in various destinations (boats, beaches and hotel pools). All that time looking for my very own summer romance, who knew it’d be right under my nose the entire time. That’s right – it took a 10 day trip to Majorca but I had fallen in love… with the Sens.ús Sun Care After Sun Kit.

Booking the trip as four girls looking to soak up the sun, location was important – down to the hotel. After some digging, we found the Iberostar Selection Playa de Palma, a five star hotel and resort with open and airy rooms, sat right on the beach front with rooftop infinity pool and hireable lounge beds. For those of you that know me, you’re probably already widening your eyes and shaking your heads when you hear how the infinity pool was the reason we booked the hotel. I have platinum blonde hair and usually this hair colour doesn’t cope well with pool water because of the chlorine and copper that bond together and sticks to the protein in your hair – turning it green. That’s why I bought along the Sens.ús After Sun Kit. The nourishing shampoo and conditioner gently cleanses hair after prolonged exposure to the sun and counteracts the effects of salt and chlorine. This was a game changer! I didn’t need to worry about getting my hair wet and ruining it in the pool or ocean with this packed away safely in my bag.

I washed my hair frequently to avoid the build up and used the shampoo and conditioner as my daily shampoo to make sure my hair wouldn’t be discoloured or damaged from laying out in the sun or swimming. Tip: After sun exposure, don’t immediately wash hair with hot water as this will further dry out your hair, leaving it brittle and sensitive to damage. Rinse of the day with warm water and shampoo with a gently cleansing shampoo. Do this only once and then rinse with cold water. Skip the conditioner for a leave-in conditioner (I recommend the Sens.Us Illumyna Daily Repair Leave-in).

Not only is the holiday must have because of its natural formula and sound hair science but it also SMELLs like holiday. The fusion of monoi and coconut oil has it smelling like lazy beach days and every holiday ever! The scent creates a nostalgic feeling of family holidays to Spain when I was younger and fighting with my brothers over who would have to share a room with Mum and Dad.

I have been back in England for a week and I am not ready to give up the body milk yet – even though we have been lacking in sun! This was my beach bag must have and it travelled with me everywhere we went. The hydrating formula nurtured my skin back to health and left my skin feeling soft and looking healthy.

As I said, it took 10 days but I found my summer romance and I think we’ll meet again next year too! The Sens.ús Sun Care After Sun Kit kept me feeling confident in my holiday hair and skin while providing ultra-hydration so that I could came back into the salon with a healthy glow and luscious locks. This was the best shampoo for my beach holiday and I can’t wait to recommend it to my clients in the chair.

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