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5 Colour Fade Culprits


Chances are if you’ve ever had your hair coloured, you have fallen victim to premature colour fading. While not completely preventable, we’ve identified some of the top offenders to help you slow down the inevitable, so you can keep your crowning glory vibrant for longer!

UV Damage

Hair needs UV protection, just like skin. Those golden rays can do a number on coloured tresses by breaking down the chemical bonds causing more rapid fading and even creating unwanted tones due to melanin degradation. Not only that, the sun’s rays can be drying resulting in brittle, drab hair. Shield your strands just like you would your face by using product that offers UVA/UVB protection or even consider wearing a hat!

Hot Tools

Are you seeing a trend here? Heat from any source can work against your hair colour. If you just can’t air dry try turning down the heat setting on your favourite styling tools and always remember to prep hair with a product that creates a barrier between the source and your fragile strands.

Aggressive Products

Harsh detergents and sulphates can remove more than just build up, they can remove colour!  Use quality shampoos and conditioners that help to keep hair pH-balanced and extend the life of hair colour.

Hot Water

Hot showers can feel relaxing and therapeutic, but extreme temps can cause the hair cuticle to open further, allowing for colour to be more easily rinsed out. Turn down the dial and use cool to lukewarm water on your strands to keep the cuticle down and colour on lock!

Shampooing Too Often

Step away from the shampoo! Cleansing hair too frequently can strip hair of its natural oils and leave recently deposited colour molecules vulnerable to being washed out. Try going every other day and refreshing your hair with dry shampoo on days off.

To sum it up, UVA/UVB rays from the sun, hot tools, and harsh chemicals can aggravate the cuticle layer and speed up the rate of colour fade. Just like skin, damage and fading increases with greater exposure! Remember these common culprits to keep you colour brighter for longer – the best way to preserve colour is through sealing the cuticle layer, protecting against UV and heat damage while providing additional nourishment.

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