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Before You Reach For The Bleach | Clarifying Shampoo


“Before You Reach For the Bleach” may sound like something that your hairdresser should be considering but it’s actually just as important to you – as we say “healthy hair is 60% the hairdresser and 40% what you do at home”. For example, if you’re planning to switch up your hair colour from your already dyed hair then it’s important that you have a fresh, healthy base to begin. The hairdresser can’t magic this in the salon, it’s something you should be willing to start months in advance. Unlocking the secret to a healthy base is simple, a good clarifying shampoo.

What is a clarifying shampoo?

Ever washed your hair with your usual shampoo and found that it still feels kind of greasy once dry? Thanks to a build up of oils, styling products and dry shampoo clinging to your scalp and hair strands – your hair may not really be clean. Most shampoos list the first ingredients as AQUA, great, right? No, this means that any ingredients in the bottle are potentially being diluted down and therefore, not really cleansing deep down. Think of clarifying shampoos as a detox, they cut through any build- up, clearing the cuticle of any hard-to-reach particles embedded. If you have ever had a keratin treatment, then you might have already experienced this as your stylist would need to create a super clean base.

When should you use a clarifying shampoo?

There is a right time and a wrong time to break out the heavy-duty cleanse. It is recommended that clarifying shampoos are only used once a month. Unless, of course, you have the Eufora Urgent Repair Shampoo which can be used more frequently. It is important that you follow the brand guidelines when choosing your clarifying shampoo because although it has many benefits, nothing is without a cost. Overuse can cause the shampoo to strip away natural oils that work to keep your hair and scalp healthy. This is especially helpful before a salon visit, especially if you are getting a colour service!

Will using a clarifying shampoo remove hair colour?

In short, yes, but not as dramatic as you may think. When depositing colour, the stylist is working the pigment into the hair, ensuring some of those particles reach into the inner shaft of the hair, whilst some particles will sit on top of the cuticle. Using a clarifying shampoo, as it removes build up, could lift colour – starting with pigment on top. The more you use the shampoo, the more colour will lift as pigment tends to work its way deeper into the hair shaft. This can either be done to lighten your hair colour or to prep your hair for a colour change. We recommend that anyone with coloured hair only uses a clarifying shampoo once every 4-6 weeks, ideally before a salon visit. Always check with your stylist before purchasing, there’s a reason that stylists are always so passionate about the products they recommend!

Set your healthy base using Eufora Urgent Repair shampoo. A gently clarifying and restorative shampoo that removes build up, improving hair and scalp health. In our opinion – the best clarifying shampoo!

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