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FAQ | What is hair serum?


Let’s be honest, no one has ever felt confident about coating their hair in oil. So then why do hair stylists recommend serums as a way of moisturising and nourishing? #Salonlove’s aim is to provide a hub of reliable knowledge stemming from the expert research from hair stylists. This week, we’re tackling the frequently asked questions about hair serum. Let’s begin…

What is hair serum?

Hair serum is a liquid-based treatment formulated with silicones or oils which provide a protective layer over the hair fibre. Interestingly, this smooth layer then reflects light, giving the illusion of a shiny, non-greasy finish.

What does a hair serum do?

Hair serum coats the hair, providing shine and protection against humidity. Unfortunately, serum cannot heal damage. Nothing can – only prevent, as we learnt from my most recent blog (Damaged Hair blog). When choosing a serum choose one with moisturising qualities.

How does hair serum differ to hair oil?

Serum is best for dry hair or split ends. It is also suitable for styling. Whereas hair oil is best for hair that needs deep nourishment or repair.

Which serum is best for hair?

We recommend the Eufora Beautifying Serum. With its unique oil complex, targeting head to toe. Lightweight and fast absorbing to deliver next level moisture, softness, and shine which can be used on hair and skin.

Can you use hair serum every day?

Haircare experts do not recommend overuse of serums, use should be determined by your hairstyle and its porosity. Limit use to one or two days a week, or the days you wash your hair to prevent build up.

Can you apply serum on dry hair?

Most serums can be used in wet or dry hair – it does work best being brushed through damp hair and then blow dried.

Choosing and deciding to trust a new haircare product can be daunting and we understand that needing the facts first is a must. We hope you’ve found this helpful and are ready to dive into Eufora, hair care that you can trust.


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