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Be Kind To Your Hair

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#Salonlove believes that being kind to your hair should start from the very first step and the best way to ensure that everyone does this is to educate. This is where I come in. As a salon owner, it is my duty to encourage my stylists to speak with their clients about their hair goals and to feel confident that they’re being advised with one goal in mind: Be Kind to Your Hair every day. I’m going to break down all the useful tips and products that I use and encourage in my salon. To make it easy for you, I’ll apply my knowledge to the 4 main steps within a customer journey, Washing, Drying, Pre-styling, and Styling.


There is a correct way to wash your hair, and this is one of the first things apprentices learn (other than how to work the coffee machine!). It is important to start at the hairline and work your way to the temples and further to the nape. These are the places that need a deep cleanse because of make-up build up and sweat etc. Ensure the hair is thoroughly wet before applying shampoo and work you fingers in a figure of eight motion, along the scalp, to lather. Do not scrub! You will only increase tangling. For every client, I start with the Malibu C Un-do-goo Shampoo. This is a fantastic chelating shampoo that removes resin build-up from styling products. The shampoo acts as the perfect detox for anyone. You can repeat the same method again but be careful not to over-wash. Rinse a second time and then apply your conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends, give your conditioner time to travel deep inside the hair shaft, then rinse

Malibu C | Un-Do-Goo Shampoo

Pre-Styling / Drying

After you’ve finished the wash, wrap a towel around the ends to rinse of the excess water. It is best to avoid wrapping your entire head in a towel as the hair is in its most fragile state when wet and being twisted can cause breakage. Do not scrub your scalp with the towel as this will cause stress on the scalp. Apply leave-in conditioner and heat defence accordingly. My go to products for this is the Eufora Leave-In Hydration and Sens.Us Illumyna Thermo Discipline Milk. Both have anti-frizz and hydrating properties that will ensure you hair is left moisturised without diminishing volume and movement. Now you can begin drying. Be sure to move the hair dryer from root to tip, smoothing the hair strand as you go. This will help make sure that your hair is left silky smooth when dry, without frizz.


I cannot stress this enough, but you’d be surprised how many people forgo heat defence spray or additional hydrating oils before you begin heat styling. I like to use the Eufora Thermal Defence Prep. The multi-benefit prep spray protects from damage and breakage caused from styling. It provides protection from tools up to 220° C. It leaves the hair feeling moisturised and rarely do I feel the need to add extra oils and serums to the hair. When straightening, ensure that the hair is sectioned correctly and use a brush or comb to keep the hair straight. Starting from the root to tip, pull the straightener down and continue to work through your sections until desired result is achieved. Finish the look with a spray of Eufora Style Gloss to deliver optimal shine, nourishment, and frizz control.

Eufora | Thermal Defence Prep


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